Privacy Policy

When we say "we," "us," and "ArtCloud," we're referring to ArtCloud LLC, a State of Georgia limited liability company. When we say "you" or "Member," we're referring to the person or entity that's registered with us to use the Services.

ArtCloud does not sell, lease or give your Personal Information, Site Usage Information or Files (collectively, "User Information") to any other company absent your consent.

ArtCloud uses User Information as follows:

Users consent to the sharing of User Information with third parties in certain limited circumstances:

Users may review, update, correct or delete their Personal Information provided in their registration or account profile by changing their "account settings."

Users may link their Google Account to ArtCloud. Should a user opt into linking their Google Account, ArtCloud will leverage Google as the email provider and send outgoing messages through their account. ArtCloud will also fetch responses to those emails and show them inside the users ArtCloud account. ArtCloud may also keep your ArtCloud contacts in sync with your Google Contacts.

Your Google data will be accessed when you check your messages via ArtCloud's messaging Activity page. ArtCloud will only use this data for your internal reporting and will not store or save the messages. Additionally, ArtCloud will not share this data with anyone.