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Simplify your day-to-day work with comprehensive management tools for the modern gallery.

Features & Details

Inventory Management & Reporting

Enjoy the flexibility to visualize and work with your inventory in a variety of ways.

  • Supports original artwork, editions and artist proofs, as well as jewelry and merchandise
  • Categorize inventory based on your gallery’s needs
  • See the status, location, and availability of artworks at a glance
  • Quickly pull lists based on artist, availability, status, and more

Invoicing, POS, & Artist Payments

Say goodbye to spreadsheets -- ArtCloud has everything you need to track revenue and manage artist payments.

  • Access real-time reports on sales, layaway and outstanding payments, and items on approval
  • Give clients the ability to submit payments through the web
  • Set artist consignment agreements and generate monthly reports
  • See how much you owe each artist for any given time period

Sales & Client Relationship Management

Robust contact records store client information and interests, purchase history, and follow up activities.

  • Catalogue your clients’ interests by artist, medium, color, and more
  • Set reminders and track interactions over time, including message deliverability and open rates
  • Purchases are automatically logged for future reference
  • Send new arrivals to clients for artists they’re interested in

Branded Sales
& Marketing Assets

Engage both your established and younger clientele with branded materials and a variety of marketing channels.

  • Export or directly email tear sheets, pricelists, invoices, Certificates of Authenticity and more
  • Create wall tags and labels for upcoming exhibitions, backroom storage, or client mailings
  • Customize materials with your gallery’s logo and select from a variety of templates and fonts
  • Link to curated viewing rooms and virtual installations to reach your tech-savvy collectors


Beautifully designed and easy to manage, ArtCloud websites are responsive and optimized, so your site performs well in search rankings.

  • Built and maintained according to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Designed for e-commerce so visitors can buy directly from your site
  • Integrates with your inventory data and eliminates manual website management
  • No previous website development experience needed


Friendly and approachable, the ArtCloud Marketplace reaches both seasoned collectors and the emerging art-curious consumer.

  • Grow your contact list with collectors from around the world
  • Communicate directly with prospective clients
  • Market upcoming exhibitions
  • Integrated analytics track collector interest and engagement


Comprehensive Gallery Management Software
Comprehensive Gallery Management Software Trial+ Integrated Website
Comprehensive Gallery Management Software + Integrated Website


How does ArtCloud keep my gallery’s data secure?

Artcloud backs up your data four times each day with servers all over the world. All website traffic is fully encrypted.

How many staff members can access ArtCloud?

Paid ArtCloud accounts come with unlimited staff members. You and your team can access your account wherever you are, from a computer or from our free app for smartphones (iPhones and Android devices) and tablets (iPads).

How easy is it to migrate my data and how much does it cost?

We know that maintaining access to your existing data and records is critical. ArtCloud supports the following migrations:

  • inventory data and images
  • contact records
  • artist profiles
  • invoice history

Data migration services are $100/hour, including prioritized support during the migration. Most galleries find that they need no more than 3-5 hours of services to complete their migration.

Can I try out ArtCloud or set up a consultation before I purchase?

ArtCloud offers a free 14 day trial so you can decide if the platform is a good fit for your gallery’s needs. If you’d like to set up a 15-minute phone consultation, click the button below to access our live calendar and select the time that’s best for you.

Beautiful Websites

Art galleries are not immune to the bricks to clicks phenomenon.
We offer fully customizable themes focused on meeting your needs.
No set up fees involved.

With artcloud, you can build a beautiful site that’s integrated directly to your inventory.

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