Simplifying Art Work
Artcloud’s comprehensive platform empowers galleries to manage and market their art.

Features & Details

Comprehensive Art Gallery Software

artcloud helps you manage inventory, client relations, invoices,
and more in one beautiful interface.

Inventory Managment

Search, sort, browse, and discover your data like never before.

  • Directly email tear sheets and lists of artworks to interested clients
  • Create wall tags with the click of a button
  • Customize and export Certificates of Authenticity
  • We back up your inventory 4 times a day

Art Gallery CRM

At the cornerstone of any successful art business are clients, start taking the relationship seriously.

  • Discover your top clients over any given date range
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Catalogue client interests by artist and style
  • Invite clients to a customized Viewing Room to browse and favorite curated works

See the whole picture

With artcloud's reporting, you will see your data like never before.

  • Monthly sales & accounting reports
  • Top-selling artists
  • Top clients
  • Consignment reports

Marketplace Integration

artcloud's marketplace was built from the ground up to provide the best collector experience.

  • Opt inventory into the marketplace with one click
  • Market your exhibitions
  • Grow sales effortlessly from collectors around the world
  • Direct communication with prospective clients
  • Integrated marketplace analytics help you track the public's interest in your work

Beautiful Websites

Art galleries are not immune to the bricks to clicks phenomenon.
We offer fully customizable themes focused on meeting your needs.
No set up fees involved.

Template sites

With artcloud, you can build a beautiful site that’s integrated directly to your inventory.

Let's talk!

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